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Ecommerce Business Setup– Let’s get it right with an Enterprise Solution


Select an Ecommerce solution that can match the standards your brand represents both with the solution capability and the features for tomorrow

The user experience you offer and the power of business you get with your e-store are the most important ingredients of building a successful Ecommerce business. Well a great Ecommerce strategy is a good starting point but the technology that you choose drives the end result. What if you get a Ecommerce solution which has features, capability and flexibility to match your business requirements and is comparable to the ones used by Ecommerce giants? Will this help you in building a sustainable Ecommerce business?

The brand you developed in the market with a loyal customer base as well as the power of customer data you possess is your biggest strength and offers you an unparalleled competitive advantage. How about you use your expertize and leverage the technology capability of an Ecommerce solution to start online commerce? This means that you get a quick start, tap the market before it gets too late and use your offline strength to get ready for a bigger play in the market.

Ensuring you get it right whether it’s for setting up a retail store or an e-store is important. The planning and analysis you do to get your brick and mortar store in the right place, with right features or systems, and with the right inventory for the right target audience is just what it takes to get your e-store correct. An e-Store needs,

  • Enormous admin power to ensure you all the right tools to grow the business,
  • A solution that scales, performs and is secure for your needs over the next decade,
  • A solution that extends onto mobile or other channels,
  • A solution to ensure you could leverage your current warehouses or stores for omnichannel fulfillment with advanced order processing, and
  • Customer social engagement with advanced insights to engage and drive business.

Excellor-an Enterprise Ecommerce solution is developed by Adaequare group and it covers all the above aspects.

The critical building blocks for your future proof ecommerce solution are:

Quick and easy e-store setup

Ecommerce is not about enabling the buy button on your website. It is about the managing huge catalogues with multiple categories and sub-categories, ensuring high volume of transactions are processed efficiently and delivering the products to thousands of codes across the country.

We ensure that our customers can manage complex catalogues with unlimited products, categories and sub-categories. Our system is built on horizontal architecture to support scalability. Excellor offers pre-defined templates to ensure the promotions, deals and coupons creation in matter of seconds. The order management module enables the order processing in a streamlined and structured process. We offer a large number of widgets to ensure you can effectively manage your store with options to cross-sell/up-sell products, promote best sellers new product launches.

Configurable and customizable solution

Enterprises are looking to bring innovation in the Ecommerce space by delivering experience similar to the ones they offer in their stores. This requires them to build an integrated e-commerce business.

We have come across a large number of business requirements starting with delivering the products through distributor systems, to shortlisting products online and booking slots for visiting the offline store and introducing Ecommerce as a revolutionary way of conducting events. We are capable of implementing all of these models.

Excellor offers B2C and B2B business models. You can extend the system to manage your distributors and end customers through a single sign-on. This gives you a flexibility to automate your entire business and manage it effectively.

Seamless Integrations with other native systems

The different business models mentioned above requires managing the business process as well as information flow between different systems. Your inventory systems, accounting systems, financial systems, ERP system and POS have to interact with the Ecommerce solution.

Excellor acts as a bridge to ensure that different systems can interact with each other, thus delivering an integrated ecommerce business. We also offer add-on solutions to cater to end to end ecommerce needs of a business.

Collecting data with actionable insights

Data is the power to know your customers better and accelerate your business performance. Personalizing customer’s experience on your e-store with relevant product suggestions is critical for ensuring returning customers. Converting returning customers to loyal customers with targeted marketing campaigns helps you in increasing customer lifetime value.

Excellor enables you to get detailed information on the customer purchase history, most valued customers, demographics of buyers, category-wise performance, best sellers and many more data points. These data points can be used effectively to retain and reach more customers. Leverage the power of actionable insights, uncover the most valuable customers and tap them to drive business success.

Excellor an Enterprise grade solution accelerates your Ecommerce by delivering

  • Managed Ecommerce solution to ensure the store is up and running 24X7
  • A secured solution which is scalable and flexible to meet your evolving business requirements
  • Works in sync with the existing setup and gives you a capability to integrate with your offline stores to deliver a great seamless experience to your customers
  • Captures the customer data and provides actionable insights so that your business grow’s faster
  • Add-on modules to ensure your taxation, advanced social engagement and advanced order processing needs are addressed