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We enable high performance E-stores


We make it easy for you to engage your digital customer

Our product helps you to know your customers, personalize their shopping experience, build loyalty and increase customer lifetime value

Easy to search products
Easy to search products

Improve your search engine rankings using features such as Geotagging, Product feature tagging and Keyword tagging.

Position the products better
Position the products better

Define target audience of each product and recommend products to help your customers shop smart.

Increase in sales
Increase in sales

Incentivize customers to buy more by offering deals, discounts and coupons on products relevant to them.

Build user community
Build user community

Engage your customers on your platform with inbuilt social features and create a group of brand evangelists.


Sell more with Excellor

Our salient features help you find and attract more customers by optimizing your marketing budget and improving revenue growth


Seamless customer experience across mobile, tablet and desktop


Quick 3 steps checkout process to reduce cart abandonment


Advanced search feature to enhance shopping experience


Personalize shopping Experience with product suggestions


Engage your customers with reviews, ratings and recommendations

Manage your business

Intuitive and easy to use admin console to help you scale up faster


Define and reach customers of specific demographics for each product


Increase average order value with relevant product suggestions


Get purchase history of customers and know most valued customers


On the go deal and coupon creation using pre-defined templates


Send special offers to incentivize customers to buy items in their wishlist


Transform your company into a high performance organization

Bring your distributors and vendors online to efficiently manage your business, increase your productivity and improve profitability

Enhance customer satisfaction
Enhance customer satisfaction

Automate and seamlessly integrate all sales channels to enable quick orders fulfilment

Improve business efficiency
Improve business efficiency

Easy integration with ERP and other systems to optimize operations of your business

Measure business performance
Measure business performance

Monitor and measure B2B success with real-time reports and dashboards

Increase business opportunities
Increase business opportunities

Built in marketing features to reach new customers




Build long term relation with your buyers

Access to more information about the buyer helps in better matching the preferences of the buyer and achieving a premium position for the brand


Customize the buyer experience with customer specific catalogues


Create differentiate pricing for different customers


Segment your customers to ensure personalized deals and discounts


Improve search ability of your products with SEO friendly links


Get purchase history of your customers and serve them with better offerings

Optimize costs of running your business

Manage workflows to create and approve orders and easy integration with ERP and other systems to optimize operations of your business


Reduce the cycle time, coordination and the processing costs


Real time inventory information to optimize inventory holding costs


Focused marketing efforts with targeted email campaigns


Reduced costs of launching new products


Cross sell and upsell products to increase customer life-time value


Robust and Secure platform to expand your business and enable large transaction volumes

A platform capable of delivering superior experience to buyers and sellers with features to communicate, engage, collaborate and transact

Multi-Vendor Management
Multi-Vendor Management

Aggregate large number of sellers with easy On-boarding process

Increase Average Order Value
Increase Average Order Value

Know your customers better and cross sell and upsell relevant products.

Increase traffic on the store
Increase traffic on the store

Create community of customers with invite friends feature and social shopping

Expand your business

Increase your reach to more number of customers and sell more


Create a large community of buyers and sellers on your marketplace

A flexible platform to help you scale up and host multiple vendors and offer deep selection of products


Reduced time to market with easy and quick store setup

easy-managing catalogue

Easy to manage catalogue and add multimedia


Manage your inventory better by creating low inventory alerts


Market your product with keywords and hashtags


Create promotions, deals and discounts on the go

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